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Advice Group is the first martech company to digitalize traditional stamp collection programs in Europe. Specialized in behavioral loyalty strategies, thanks to its end-to-end technology stack, Advice funnels users from the very first contact point, to lead generation and the activation of loyalty and relationship processes. Behavioral loyalty information is also used to optimize advertising and qualified lead generation processes.

People. Value. Recognition. Upon these three pillars, Advice has built its innovative vision of loyalty, which is no longer anchored to transactions but involves the entire customer base of a brand through an inclusive and democratic approach. This way, loyalty becomes an attitude of the brand towards consumers, who are placed at the heart of the business strategy and have their value acknowledged over time through recognition processes.

Advice’s proprietary platform WEKIT includes a variety of microservices. WEKIT runs on BI and ML algorithms that track every action performed by users, analyze them and build up-to-date user behavior profiles that are instrumental to take real time targeted actions aimed at strengthening the brand-user relationship and supporting business.

Across the years, Advice Group has received over 20 national and international awards. Worth mentioning are the UK International Loyalty Awards and the NY Echo Awards. In 2021, Advice founded Loyalty Heroes, the first loyalty community in Italy for visionary managers. Join here!


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Kettydo+ is a company specialized in the creation of innovative loyalty platforms that involve the customers throughout their experience, merging transactional, behavioral and value-based logics in order to materialize real engagement and trust between the person and the brand. Since 2024 Kettydo+ has been part of A.I.GEN. (Advanced Intelligence Generation), an innovative Holding that makes Technology, Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence its distinctive feature.


We operate through a hybrid model of agile technological solutions and hi-end consulting services, to accelerate platform innovation, easily enhance engagement strategies and improve business performance with tangible results.


Kettydo+ has developed YouserENGAGE, the most complete Martech Suite to bring brand’s loyalty platform to a higher level of engagement, through multiple customer activation modules; a mission engine with practically unlimited possibilities and a data approach that allows real-time insights enriching the profiling strategy.

YouserENGAGE allows to activate contests, profiling surveys, member-get-members, purchase or profiling missions, connecting customers, enriching their CRM/CDP profile and enabling full governance of all data and actions in the hands of the brand.


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As a preferred partner of 78 retailers worldwide, dunnhumby is present in 29 countries, including Italy, where we have been operating since 2008. 

dunnhumby's strategic approach and its unique expertise in Customer Data Science offer its commercial and industrial partners (such as Tesco, Walmart, Carrefour, Metro, Crai, Coop, Shoprite, Raia Drogasil, Raley's, Couche-Tard, Meijer, Pepsico, L'Oréal, Procter & Gamble. etc.) an undeniable competitive advantage in an increasingly digital and evolving environment.

Our global vision of retail challenges and our modular approach allow us to respond to all commercial needs: data management, customer insight, CRM, Retail Media, category management, and price and promotion optimisation, while strengthening teams' skills and generating new revenue streams to increase profits.

dunnhumby supports its clients in enhancing their data, defining effective sales proposals. In particular, in recent years we have developed successful Retail Media projects supported by effective personalization of messages, thanks to customer knowledge, and an omnichannel approach. The experience with Tesco is significant in this area. In fact, the Tesco Media and Insight Platform, launched in December 2021, uses dunnhumby technology.


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Edenred, leader in the employee benefits industry, offers innovative technology solutions that can increase employee well-being, efficiency of companies and support the growth of its business partners.

The Incentive & Rewards team at Edenred Italia offers strategic consultancy services to develop relational marketing initiatives (b2b and b2c) geared towards incentivising sales networks and facilitating customer acquisition.

We are partners of a number of agencies specialising in Loyalty Marketing, CRM and customer engagement. We develop and manage incentive plans, competitions and reward schemes.


Edenred Shopping vouchers are the most effective means of rewarding sales performance and enhancing the loyalty and value of every customer. They are easy to use, and the wide network, in store and online, of partners located throughout Italy means they offer the greatest freedom of choice, guaranteeing the utmost satisfaction of those receiving them.

The MyEdenred Shopping app  is a fully mobile shopping voucher that deducts amounts from the residual credit. It is currently the only solution on the market that offers the possibility to provide rewards that are entirely digital and multibrand, with a network of more than 21,000 partners including stores, e-commerce and gift cards. For more information, click here.


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Farloyalty is the company that develops and offers both in Italy and Spain the loyalty system E-Fidelity via fidelity card.
E-Fidelity is structured for the pharmacy and parapharmacy market, whether they are private, belonging to groups or affiliated to virtual networks.

Knowing customers and their buying habits is essential in a loyalty process. E-Fidelity allows both a single Pharmacist and a group to easily and effectively analyse their customer data and it also helps planning and implementing micromarketing initiatives consistent with the growth and business purposes of a single store or of a pharmacy group. 

Especially in recent years, E-Fidelity has acquired great know-how in pharmacy chain management, both in technical terms (such as integration with third-party Business Intelligence systems with single sign-on systems, communication tools such as APP and e-commerce, etc.) and in consulting terms.

Every year E-Fidelity marketing experts produce and share the OSSERVATORIO E-FIDELITY report. With this report, which is based on the aggregate analysis of data from over 1.100 pharmacies and parapharmacies, it’s possible to have a picture of the situation of the Pharmacy loyalty sector in Italy. 


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Konvergence S.r.l, founded in 2007 and present in Italy with 3 offices and 110 employees, is an Information Technology company that operates in Retail market. Konvergence’ skills and experience are embodied in a portfolio of services and software solutions to support sales , loyalty, promotion and - in general - all the processes aiming to improve the relationship between Retailer and its customer.  

We closely follow the digital transformation of the point of sale, the extension from the physical store to the virtual, enabling the Retailer to offer to its customers value-added services to expand and enhance its business. We believe in technological convergence, simplification and integration of Retailer's business processes, in a strategy oriented to accomplish the digital Marketing automation. 

Standout in Konvergence’ portfolio of software solutions is Koncentro, the Marketing Platform designed for the Retail market. It is a cloud-based, modular, multi-user and multi-lingual platform that guides the retailer in defining an end-user engagement strategy, with a holistic approach that combines qualitative and quantitative analysis for a better understanding of the customer base.  

Through a single centralized console, Koncentro, offers retailer marketers the ability to transform their customer data into value-added insights.  

Koncentro’ s 3 core modules, Customer Database, Analytics and Campaign Management, provide a complete picture to retailers about their customers: buying habits, trends, value and customer type. With Koncentro, Retail Marketing Managers have the ability to create, monitor, and manage marketing campaigns, promotions, and communications by customer, product, or store, even on an ongoing basis - and economically evaluate the results obtained in terms of return on investment. 

Download the Koncentro brochure and watch the video: Video Pill No. 4 - YouTube 

Who is Konvergence? Watch the video: Video Pill No. 1 - YouTube 



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PwC Italy provides a wide range of professional services in an integrated and multidisciplinary way, combining knowledge of local markets with a global organization, thanks to its network of over 364,000 professionals worldwide, of which over 8,000 in Italy, committed to guaranteeing quality in strategic, technological, auditing, legal and tax consultancy services for companies. This background allows PwC, and in particular the Customer Transformation team, to offer all the skills necessary for the conception and implementation of end-to-end projects in the field of Loyalty and Customer Engagement.


Thanks to our competition and trend analysis strategies on existing programs related to customer needs, which we investigate with a proprietary approach, our multi-competence teams are able to design specific tailor-made loyalty programs and initiatives, ensuring their performance and profitability, also assisted by our tax consultants. We support our Clients throughout the process, assisting them with the implementation and monitoring of the performances.

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Additionally, we offer our Loyalty Center of Excellence that monitors industry trends, available especially for cross-country projects (find here the PwC Customer Loyalty Executive Survey 2023). 




Omnio Europe S.p.A. (formerly Domec S.p.A.) is part of the large pan-European FinTech group Omnio Global.

Omnio Europe offers a wide range of specialized solutions for the management and development of tailor-made Loyalty Programs to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. Our mission is to provide high-level White Label solutions that are adaptable and customizable, enabling companies to maximize customer engagement and loyalty. We cater to a wide range of sectors, from retail chains to small retailers, from large corporations to financial institutions. 


With an integrated approach that combines financial, IT, and Marketing expertise, we support our partners in implementing cutting-edge strategies that significantly enhance the Customer Experience and increase corporate revenues. Our commitment extends beyond providing Loyalty solutions; we are also pioneers in the distribution of prepaid digital products through a vast network of physical PoS and branded E-commerce websites. This synergy between physical and digital distribution enables companies to reach their customers effectively and efficiently, thereby expanding business opportunities.


We firmly believe in the power of collaboration and shared innovation for long-term business success. Omnio Europe assists its partners and guides them along the Loyalty journey, ensuring that businesses realize their full potential and maintain a competitive advantage in the ever-evolving market.




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Promotion is Italy’s only marketing and communication magazine focused on loyalty processes, customer experience and data driven marketing.
Promotion reaches over 30,000 managers through bi-monthly printed magazine, monthly newsletter, daily updates on the website and social media channels, events and talks.
Published by Pop Up Media, Promotion has a reputation and authority consolidated in over 30 years of continuous presence in professional publishing (first edition 1990).