The Osservatorio Fedeltà was born in 1998 within the Department of Economics at the University of Parma, drawing on over twenty years of research by the Marketing Area in the fields of Retail Management, Channel Relationships and Trade Marketing. The goal is to contribute to the development of a customer loyalty culture in our country. The Osservatorio Fedeltà would like to be the place for sharing ideas about loyalty marketing.

Every year, The Osservatorio’s research work is shared with Consumer Goods Manufacturing  and Retailing Companies  thanks to the “Il futuro del Micromarketing” (“The Micromarketing Future”) Workshop,  when more than 400 managers, marketing practitioners and academics gather, at the University of Parma.

The Osservatorio Fedeltà aims to supporting managers, researchers and students interested both in developing research projects and knowing more about loyalty marketing and Customer Relationship Management.

The Osservatorio Fedeltà develops research and training projects for companies on loyalty and CRM topics. Another goal is to promote theses and dissertations that result from close cooperation between firms and students. In the “Research” section it is possible to read the abstracts of some dissertations written by our students.